Marcus Scheele, Dept. of Chemistry, Universität Hamburg

Jeudi 02 Septembre à 16 h 00 Amphi Holweck, Esc. C, 1er étage
Application of solution-grown nanostructures for highly efficient thermoelectric power generation

Thermoelectric power generation is an environmentally benign way to convert waste-heat into electricity. Recent scientific progress in manipulating nanomaterials has led to large improvements in the efficiency of energy conversion achieved by combining the results of 60 years of intensive research of bulk thermoelectric materials with the novel advantages of nanostructuring. These advantages include selective phonon scattering, energy filtering of carriers, generation of large spikes in the density of states and many more.
In this talk, the benefits of solution-grown nanostructures will be discussed in this respect. Various aspects of the synthesis of neat bismuth telluride nanoparticles, antimony-doped bismuth telluride nanosheets and PbTe nanooctahedra will be presented. A general procedure to fabricate highly conductive nanostructured bulk materials for thermoelectric applications will be described. In the main part, physical properties like the thermal conductivity, specific heat, electric conductivity and thermopower of these nanomaterials will be presented to illustrate novel ways of improving the efficiency of state-of-the-art thermoelectric power generation.

Pour tout renseignement :
N. Bergeal : 01 40 79 44 83 – nicolas.bergeal (arobase)
B. Fauqué 01 40 79 58 14 –benoit.fauque (arobase)

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