Jan Guido Donath, Max-Planck-Insitute for Chemical Physics of Solids (Dresden)

Jeudi 17 Juin à 16 h 00 Amphi Holweck, Esc. C, 1er étage
Quantum Criticality in Geometrically Frustrated Pr2Ir2O7

Frustrated magnets have attracted major interest due to their dazzling array of unusual phenomena. These include magnetic monopoles in spin ice [1], spin liquid behavior [2] or quantum criticality. The latter has been proposed to originate from a quantum phase transition between a highly frustrated spin liquid ground state and a heavy Fermi liquid phase [3].

In this talk, I will present low-temperature thermal expansion measurements and a subsequent thermal and magnetic Grüneisen ratio analyses which provide compelling experimental evidence for a quantum critical point in Pr2Ir2O7 at zero magnetic field. The temperature dependences of these quantities are incompatible with a spin density wave scenario and rather suggest in line with theory the proximity to Kondo breakdown quantum criticality .

[1] Morris et al, Science (2009)
[2] Machida et al, Nature (2010)
[3] Burdin et al, PRB (2002)

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N. Bergeal : 01 40 79 44 83 – nicolas.bergeal (arobase) espci.fr
B. Fauqué 01 40 79 58 14 –benoit.fauque (arobase) espci.fr

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