Rémy Dassonneville Aix Marseille Univ, CNRS IM2NP-UMR, 7334, Marseille, France

Thursday June 27 at 2:00 pm (Paris time), Room Boreau, at LPEM in hybrid format :

Quantum sensing with superconducting circuits

Superconducting circuits have significantly advanced quantum sensing by providing platforms with unparalleled sensitivity and precision. Improvements in measurement precision have often gone hand in hand with progress in physics. While Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle establishes fundamental limits on measurement noise, some quantum protocols still allow to go beyond this standard quantum limit. This seminar will highlight three experiments that surpass the standard quantum limit using superconducting quantum circuits.

In the first experiment [1], we demonstrate the non-destructive resolution of photon numbers in itinerant single-to-few microwaves photon pulses. The second experiment [2] introduces a scheme employing two simultaneous parametric couplings to engineer dissipation in a long-lived electromagnetic mode. This mode is thus stabilized in a squeezed state, achieving performance well beyond the conventional 3 dB limit. The third experiment [3] showcases the first microwave realization of a quantum radar, which, despite its current limitations in practical applications, exemplifies a quantum metrological improvement that is robust to noise.

Finally, in the remaining time, we will discuss a possible roadmap and its challenges for improving spin sensitivity in electron spin resonance in a wide range of temperature using high-Tc superconducting microwave resonators.

[1] Dassonneville et al, P. R. Appl. 14 (2020)

[2] Dassonneville et al, P. R. X Quantum 2 (2021)

[3] Assouly et al, Nat. Phys. 19 (2023)

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