Nanophysique, Nanostructures et Nanomatériaux

Publications dans des revues avec comité de lecture

Année 2017

  • H.-J. Lin, K. de Oliveira Lima, P. Gredin, M. Mortier, L. Billot, Z. Chen, L. Aigouy, Fluorescence enhancement near single TiO2 nanodisks, Applied Physics Letters 2017, 111 : 251109
  • O. Selig, A. Sadhanala, C. Muller, R. Lovrincic, Z. Chen, Y. La Rezus, J. M. Frost, T. L. C. Jansen, A. A. Bakulin, Organic Cation Rotation and Immobilization in Pure and Mixed Methylammonium Lead-Halide Perovskites, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2017, 139 : 4068-4074

 Année 2016

  • A. Assy, H.-J. Lin, M. Schoenauer-Sebag, P. Gredin, M. Mortier, L. Billot, Z. Chen, L. Aigouy, Nanoscale thermometry with fluorescent yttrium-based Er/Yb-doped fluoride nanocrystals, Sensors and Actuators A : Physical 2016, 250 : 71-77
  • Z Sun, L Aigouy, Z Chen, Plasmonic-enhanced perovskite–graphene hybrid photodetectors, Nanoscale 2016, 8:7377-7383

 Année 2015

  • A A Bakulin, O Selig, H J Bakker, Y LA Rezus, C Müller, T Glaser, R Lovrincic, Z Sun, Z Chen, A Walsh, J M Frost, T LC Jansen, Real-time observation of organic cation reorientation in methylammonium lead iodide perovskites, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2015, 6:3663-3669
  • Z Sun, G Sitbon, T Pons, A A. Bakulin, Z Chen, Reduced Carrier Recombination in PbS - CuInS2 Quantum Dot Solar Cells, Scientific Reports 2015, 5:10626
  • Biadala L, Frederich H, Coolen L, Buil S, Quélin X, Javaux C, Nasilowski M, Dubertret B, J-P H
    Photon-correlation Fourier spectroscopy of the trion fluorescence in thick-shell CdSe/CdS nanocrystals
    Phys Rev B 2015. 91:085416.
  • Buffard A, Nadal B, Heuclin H, Patriarche G, Dubertret B
    ZnS anisotropic nanocrystals using a one-pot low temperature synthesis
    New J Chem 2015. 39:90-93.
  • Federspiel F, Froehlicher G, Nasilowski M, Pedetti S, Mahmood A, Doudin B, Park S, Lee J-O, Halley D, Dubertret B, P G, S B
    Distance Dependence of the Energy Transfer Rate from a Single Semiconductor Nanostructure to Graphene
    Nano Lett 2015. 15:1252-1258.
  • J. Houel J, Doan QT, Cajgfinger T, Ledoux G, Amans D, Aubret A, Dominjon A, Ferriol S, Barbier R, Nasilowski M, Lhuillier E, Dubertret B, Dujardin C, Kulzer F
    Autocorrelation analysis for the unbiased determination of power-law exponents in single-quantum-dot blinking
    Acs Nano 2015. 9:886.
  • Ji B, Giovanelli E, Habert B, Spinicelli P, Nasilowski M, Xu X, Lequeux N, Hugonin JP, Marquier F, Greffet JJ, Dubertret B
    Non-blinking quantum dot with a plasmonic nanoshell resonator
    Nat Nanotechnol 2015. 10:170-5.
  • Lhuillier E, Dayen J-F, Thomas DO, Robin A, Doudin B, Dubertret B
    Nanoplatelets Bridging a Nanotrench : A New Architecture for Photodetectors with Increased Sensitivity
    Nano Lett 2015.
  • Lhuillier E, Pedetti S, Ithurria S, Nadal B, Heuclin H, Dubertret B
    Two-Dimensional Colloidal Metal Chalcogenides Semiconductors : Synthesis, Spectroscopy, and Applications
    Accounts of Chemical Research 2015. 48:22-30.
  • Sigle DO, Mertens J, Herrmann LO, Bowman RW, Ithurria S, Dubertret B, Shi Y, Ying Yang H, Tserkezis C, Aizpurua J, Baumberg JJ
    Monitoring Morphological Changes in 2D Monolayer Semiconductors Using Atom-Thick Plasmonic Nanocavities
    Acs Nano 2015. 9:825.

 Année 2014

  • Z Cao, Z Chen, L Escoubas, Optical, structural, and electrical properties of PEDOT:PSS thin films doped with silver nanoprisms, Optical Materials Express 2014, 4 : 2525-2534
  • TT Steckler, MJ Lee, Z Chen, O Fenwick, Mats R Andersson, F Cacialli, H Sirringhaus, Multifunctional materials for OFETs, LEFETs and NIR PLEDs, Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2014, 2:5133-5141
  • Abecassis B, Tessier MD, Davidson P, Dubertret B
    Self-Assembly of CdSe Nanoplatelets into Giant Micrometer-Scale Needles Emitting Polarized Light
    Nano Lett 2014. 14:710-715.
  • Aigouy L CA, Gredin P, Mortier M, Carminati R
    Mapping and Quantifying Electric and Magnetic Dipole Luminescence at the Nanoscale
    Phys Rev Lett 2014. 113:076101.
  • Biadala L, Liu F, Tessier MD, Yakovlev DR, Dubertret B, Bayer M
    Recombination Dynamics of Band Edge Excitons in Quasi-Two-Dimensional CdSe Nanoplatelets
    Nano Lett 2014. 14:1134-1139.
  • Bouccara S, Fragola A, Giovanelli E, Sitbon G, Lequeux N, Pons T, Loriette V
    Time-gated cell imaging using long lifetime near-infrared-emitting quantum dots for autofluorescence rejection
    J Biomed Opt 2014. 19:051208.
  • Bouccara S, Sitbon G, Fragola A, Loriette V, Lequeux N, Pons T
    Enhancing fluorescence in vivo imaging using inorganic nanoprobes
    Curr Opin Biotechnol 2014. 34C:65-72.
  • Bouet C, Laufer D, Mahler B, Nadal B, Heuclin H, Pedetti S, Patriarche G, Dubertret B
    Synthesis of Zinc and Lead Chalcogenide Core and Core/Shell Nanoplatelets Using Sequential Cation Exchange Reactions
    Chem Mater 2014. 26:3002-3008.
  • Chen Z, Nadal B, Mahler B, Aubin H, Dubertret B
    Quasi-2D Colloidal Semiconductor Nanoplatelets for Narrow Electroluminescence
    Adv Funct Mater 2014. 24:295-302.
  • Durand-Gasselin C, Koerin R, Rieger J, Lequeux N, Sanson N
    Colloidal stability of zwitterionic polymer-grafted gold nanoparticles in water
    J Colloid Interf Sci 2014. 434:188-194.
  • Kunneman LT, Schins JM, Pedetti S, Heuclin H, Grozema FC, Houtepen AJ, Dubertret B, Siebbeles LDA
    Nature and Decay Pathways of Photoexcited States in CdSe and CdSe/CdS Nanoplatelets
    Nano Lett 2014. 14:7039-7045.
  • Lethiec C, Laverdant J, Vallon H, Javaux C, Dubertret B, Frigerio JM, Schwob C, Coolen L, Maitre A
    Measurement of Three-Dimensional Dipole Orientation of a Single Fluorescent Nanoemitter by Emission Polarization Analysis
    Phys Rev X 2014. 4:021037.
  • Lhuillier E, Hease P, Ithurria S, Dubertret B
    Selective Electrophoretic Deposition of CdSe Nanoplatelets
    Chem Mater 2014. 26:4514-4520.
  • Lhuillier E, Pedetti S, Ithurria S, Heuclin H, Nadal B, Robin A, Patriarche G, Lequeux N, Dubertret B
    Electrolyte-Gated Field Effect Transistor to Probe the Surface Defects and Morphology in Films of Thick CdSe Colloidal Nanoplatelets
    Acs Nano 2014. 8:3813-3820.
  • Lhuillier E, Robin A, Ithurria S, Aubin H, Dubertret B
    Electrolyte-Gated Colloidal Nanoplatelets-Based Phototransistor and Its Use for Bicolor Detection
    Nano Lett 2014. 14:2715-2719.
  • Liu H, Lhuillier E, Guyot-Sionnest P
    1/f noise in semiconductor and metal nanocrystal solids
    J Appl Phys 2014. 115:154309.
  • Mottaghizadeh A, Yu Q, Lang PL, Zimmers A, Aubin H
    Metal Oxide Resistive Switching : Evolution of the Density of States Across the Metal-Insulator Transition
    Phys Rev Lett 2014. 112:066803.
  • Sitbon G, Bouccara S, Tasso M, Francois A, Bezdetnaya L, Marchal F, Beaumont M, Pons T
    Multimodal Mn-doped I-III-VI quantum dots for near infrared fluorescence and magnetic resonance imaging : from synthesis to in vivo application
    Nanoscale 2014. 6:9264-9272.
  • Vitrey A, Aigouy L, Prieto P, Garcia-Martin JM, Gonzalez MU
    Parallel Collective Resonances in Arrays of Gold Nanorods
    Nano Lett 2014. 14:2079-2085.
  • Yu Q, Mottaghizadeh A, Wang H, Ulysse C, Zimmers A, Rebuttini V, Pinna N, Aubin H
    Verwey transition in single magnetite nanoparticles
    Phys Rev B 2014. 90:75122.

 Année 2013

  • A A Bakulin, S Neutzner, H J Bakker, L Ottaviani, D Barakel, Z Chen, Charge trapping dynamics in PbS colloidal quantum dot photovoltaic devices, ACS Nano 2013, 7:8771-8779
  • M J Lee, Z Chen, R di Pietro, M Heeney, H Sirringhaus, Electrooptical Spectroscopy of Uniaxially Aligned Polythiophene Films in Field-Effect Transistors, Chemistry of Materials 2013, 25:2075-2082
  • Billot L, Mortier M, Aigouy L
    Near-Field Imaging of Surface Plasmon Polaritons Excited by Chains of Gold Nanodiscs
    Plasmonics 2013. 8:1515-1521.
  • Cassette E, Helle M, Bezdetnaya L, Marchal F, Dubertret B, Pons T
    Design of new quantum dot materials for deep tissue infrared imaging
    Adv Drug Deliver Rev 2013. 65:719-731.
  • Dzhagan VM, Valakh MY, Milekhin AG, Yeryukov NA, Zahn DRT, Cassette E, Pons T, Dubertret B
    Raman- and IR-Active Phonons in CdSe/CdS Core/Shell Nanocrystals in the Presence of Interface Alloying and Strain
    J Phys Chem C 2013. 117:18225-18233.
  • Gravel E, Tanguy C, Cassette E, Pons T, Knittel F, Bernards N, Garofalakis A, Duconge F, Dubertret B, Doris E
    Compact tridentate ligands for enhanced aqueous stability of quantum dots and in vivo imaging
    Chem Sci 2013. 4:411-417.
  • Knittel F, Gravel E, Cassette E, Pons T, Pillon F, Dubertret B, Doris E
    On the Characterization of the Surface Chemistry of Quantum Dots
    Nano Lett 2013. 13:5075-5078.
  • Mahfoud Z, Dijksman AT, Javaux C, Bassoul P, Baudrion AL, Plain J, Dubertret B, Kociak M
    Cathodoluminescence in a Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope : A Nanometer-Scale Counterpart of Photoluminescence for the Study of II-VI Quantum Dots
    J Phys Chem Lett 2013. 4:4090-4094.
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    Nanoparticles charge response from electrostatic force microscopy
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    Part Part Syst Char 2013. 30:453-466.
  • Pedetti S, Nadal B, Lhuillier E, Mahler B, Bouet C, Abecassis B, Xu XZ, Dubertret B
    Optimized Synthesis of CdTe Nanoplatelets and Photoresponse of CdTe Nanoplatelets Films
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  • Saidi E, Labeguerie-Egea J, Billot L, Lesueur J, Mortier M, Aigouy L
    Imaging Joule Heating in an 80 nm Wide Titanium Nanowire by Thermally Modulated Fluorescence
    Int J Thermophys 2013. 34:1405-1412.
  • Wegner KD, Lanh PT, Jennings T, Oh E, Jain V, Fairclough SM, Smith JM, Giovanelli E, Lequeux N, Pons T, Hildebrandt N
    Influence of Luminescence Quantum Yield, Surface Coating, and Functionalization of Quantum Dots on the Sensitivity of Time-Resolved FRET Bioassays
    Acs Appl Mater Inter 2013. 5:2881-2892.
  • Yu Q, Cui L, Lequeux N, Zimmers A, Ulysse C, Rebuttini V, Pinna N, Aubin H
    In-vacuum projection of nanoparticles for on-chip tunneling spectroscopy
    Acs Nano 2013. 7:1487-94.

 Année 2012

  • L. Aigouy, J. Lesueur, N. Bergeal, and M. Mortier. Imaging current paths in complex conductors by scanning fluorescence microscopy. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 101:123113, 2012.
  • Cassette E, Mahler B, Guigner JM, Patriarche G, Dubertret B, Pons T
    Colloidal CdSe/CdS Dot-in-Plate Nanocrystals with 2D-Polarized Emission
    Acs Nano 2012. 6:6741-6750.
  • Fan W, Stoffelbach F, Rieger J, Regnaud L, Vichot A, Bresson B, Lequeux N
    A new class of organosilane-modified polycarboxylate superplasticizers with low sulfate sensitivity
    Cement Concrete Res 2012. 42:166-172.
  • Giovanelli E, Muro E, Sitbon G, Hanafi M, Pons T, Dubertret B, Lequeux N
    Highly Enhanced Affinity of Multidentate versus Bidentate Zwitterionic Ligands for Long-Term Quantum Dot Bioimaging
    Langmuir 2012. 28:15177-15184
  • Helle M, Cassette E, Bezdetnaya L, Pons T, Leroux A, Plenat F, Guillemin F, Dubertret B, Marchal F
    Visualisation of Sentinel Lymph Node with Indium-Based near Infrared Emitting Quantum Dots in a Murine Metastatic Breast Cancer Model
    Plos One 2012. 7:e44433.
  • E. Muro, A. Fragola, T. Pons, N. Lequeux, A. Ioannou, P. Skourides, and B. Dubertret. Comparing intracellular stability and targeting of sulfobetaine quantum dots with other surface chemistries in live cells. SMALL, 8(7):10291037, 2012.
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    Gate tunable conductivity of hybrid gold nanocrystal-semiconducting matrix thin films
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 Année 2011

  • L. Aigouy, L. Lalouat, M. Mortier, P. Low, and C. Bergaux. A scanning thermal probe microscope that operates in liquids. REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, 82(3):036106, 2011.
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 Année 2010

  • E. Cassette, T. Pons, C. Bouet, M. Helle, L. Bezdetnaya, F. Marchal, and B. Dubertret. Synthesis and characterization of near-infrared cu-in-se/zns core/shell quantum dots for in vivo imaging. CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, 22(22):61176124, 2010.
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 Année 2009

  • T. S. Orlova, J. Y. Laval, P. Monod, P. Bassoul, J. G. Noudem, and E. V. Orlenko.Influence of mn-site doping on charge and orbital ordering in La1/3Ca2/3Mn1-yMyO3 manganites (m=ni, ga). PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 79:134407, 2009.
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 Année 2008

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