Git reference

The pages below deal with the basics of git, from creating a simple server to day-to-day use.

Installation & Configuration

My notes on the basic configuration of git.

Creating & Populating a server

The external server that I prefer is Bitbucket. Free and unrestricted for 5 users. Some stuff I want to keep private in my own server.


Day-to-day commands to work with git. If in doubt, go to this page.


People say that branches are the reason to utilize git. I never worked with branches on other version control software. But I agree that in git branches are pretty easy to handle. These are my reminders to work with branches.


I still have not fully figured out how to manage shared code (i.e. libraries) in my git work flow. The approach I am currently using is to make a copy of the whole shebang in each project and keep it synchronized with git subtree. This approach is a bit of an overkill but works.

External references

This is the page where I put references for external web sites where all the serious stuff goes on.