Dmitrii L. Maslov (University of Florida)

Jeudi 25 Juin 2015 14h
Dmitrii L. Maslov (University of Florida)
Amphi Holweck, Esc C, 1ème etage

Electron Transport in Fermi- and non-Fermi-liquid Metals

A quadratic scaling of the resistivity with temperature is a hallmark of the Fermi-liquid behavior in metals. In this talk, I will review basic assumptions (and misconceptions) related to this prediction. It will be shown that a
T^2 behavior is not as universal as it seems to be; namely, whether the T^2 term is present may depend
on dimensionality (2D vs 3D), topology (simply vs multiply connected), and shape (convex vs concave) of the Fermi surface. Relevance of these results to systems of current interest, such as metals near quantum critical points will be addressed. I will also discuss recent experiments on the optical conductivity of a number strongly-correlated materials
(heavy-fermion metals, underdoped cuprates, etc.) which disagree with the predictions of the Fermi-liquid theory,
and propose an explanation of these results.


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