Instrumentation Technic

Presentation of the LPEM instrumentation group

Presentation of the LPEM instrumentation group
Instrumentation is a very important activity of the LPEM.
The LPEM instrumentation group now gathers members from the initial LPEM instrumentation group and the former members of the Laboratoire d’Electricité Générale de l’ESPCI. Consequently it now covers both the initial LPEM instrumentation themes and the ones inherited from its recent extension.
This reinforced group conducts works in the following important fields.

  • Electrical properties of solids
    • Superconducting materials properties
    • Insulators properties
  • Imagery
    • Measurements and videos at photon noise
    • Development of 3D optical microscopy technics
    • Synchronous infrared imagery
  • Sensors and Instrumentation
    • Study and development of various kind of sensors: Aerosols and smoke detectors, flow, speed, pressure and potential sensors.
    • Automotive safety driving assistance.
  • Telecommunications
    • Electromagnetic fields computation.
    • Development of hyper-frequency system components underpinned by mono-dimensional meta-materials
    • Optimization of electromagnetic fields spatial distribution
    • Wireless telecomunications (DECT and GSM standards)
  • Low field Nuclear Magnetic resonance (NMR)

Duality between fundamental physic and applied research is typical of the LPEM instrumentation group. Ongoing developments and a great part of the current results originate from the constant interactions between both domains. The LPEM instrumentation group is luckily situated at the intersection of various rapidly growing fields that present great perspectives both applied and fundamental. The concepts developed at the laboratory allow to significantly improve actual measurement systems. Considering the industrial applications, the group is eager and very active at promoting its work via a great number of patents, industrial partnerships and academic collaborations.
To efficiently conduct all these works, the LPEM instrumentation group owns high performance gears dedicated to hyper frequency measurements, telecommunications, infrared optics, dielectric characterization, as well as simulation software and cryogenic facilities.