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  1. Under construction message box
  2. Download all pages from site

1. Under construction message box

Under construction alert

Every time I start a new topic in my site, I create a series of pages "Under construction" with pretty much no information. My view is that a better answer to a link click is to show a message saying that the page is not yet available instead of an empty page with some silly icon. The code below does just that. The html does not even need to exist. TEST IT HERE!

<a href="newpage.html"
onClick="alert('This page is still under construction. \nCome back later.');
return false;">
The new page link

2. Download all pages from site

The httract utility allows to recursivelly download all pages from a web site. This is particularly useful to download a page with php including html contents. The downloaded file contains replaces the php includes by the html code and allows for off-line work. An obvious exemple is to create a help file in html format using php includes and distribute an html version only. A nice web application is webhttrack. Both are in the ubuntu repositories:

$ sudo apt-get install httrack webhttrack