Alexandre Jaoui, LMU Munich, Quantum Matter group

The next LPEM seminar (hybrid format) will be given Thursday April 6 at 2:00 pm (Paris time)

Strongly correlated electrons in 2D heterostructures : quantum critical behavior in twisted bilayer graphene

Moiré lattices, designed by stacking 2D materials with a controlled misalignment, were recently shown to host a panel of many-body ground states. As an example, the flagship of these systems, twisted bilayer graphene (TBG), can be tuned from a metal into a superconductor [1], correlated insulator [2], magnet or topologically nontrivial phase [3] by in-situ electrostatic gating. Through our recent report on the metallic state of TBG in the direct vicinity of the superconducting dome [4], which escapes conventional description, we will highlight the possibilities offered by the unprecedented tuneability of these clean 2D artificial lattices for the study of strongly correlated electrons. Finally, we will present further promises offered by twisted heterostructures beyond TBG.

[1] Y. Cao, et al., Nature 556, 43-50 (2018).

[2] Y. Cao et al., Nature 556, 80-84 (2018).

[3] X. Lu et al., Nature 574, 653-657 (2019).

[4] A. Jaoui et al., Nature Physics 18, 633-638 (2022).

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