Tristan Meunier, Institue Néel

Jeudi 6 Octobre 2011,16h
Amphi Howleck, Esc C, 1ème etage

Magneto-transport in 3D strained HgTe topological insulator

Tristan Meunier, CNRS-Institut Néel

When growing HgTe on a CdTe substrate, bi-axial strain opens a gap in HgTe turning it from a semi-metal to a 3D topological insulator. We have performed low field and high field magneto-transport experiment in this 3D topological material. We find that the bulk contribution to the transport current is much smaller than in any other known material. At low fields, weak antilocalization contribution on different field scales and a signature of the Dirac point of the expected surface states are observed. At high fields, several plateaus are observed in the Hall conductance. The analysis of the quantum Hall indices will be presented.

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