Ali Yazdani, Princeton University

Jeudi 2 Juin 2016 14h
Amphi Holweck, Esc C
1ème etage

Visualizing a Nematic Quantum Hall Liquid

Nematic quantum fluids with wavefunctions that break the underlying
crystalline symmetry have been predicted to form in interacting electronic
systems. While there have been considerable interest in these novel
states, and possible sightings, never before experiments have demonstrated
that e-e interaction actually drive such spontaneous symmetry breaking. We
have discovered a model system to study such a problem where an ultra
clean 2D electron gas on a surface in high magnetic field can result in
formation of a nematic quantum Hall liquid due to combination of strain
and Coulomb interactions. I will describe how the STM provide direct
spatial signature of a nematic electronic phase and probe the underlying
wavefucntion of this quantum Hall states, which correspond precisely to
those predicted theoretically.

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