Freek Massee, Université Paris-sud

Jeudi 9 février 2017 à 14h00
Amphi Holweck, Esc C
1ème etage

Atomic scale shot-noise of quantum matter
In the study of quantum matter – materials whose macroscopic properties are dominated by the interplay and interactions between electrons, spins, orbitals, and the lattice – scanning tunnelling microscopy has provided an exceptionally detailed view of the electronic properties at the atomic scale. Not only can the atomic scale structure of the surface layer and the density of states be resolved with high energy precision, but using Fourier transform techniques the momentum space structure can also be accessed. The next step is to be able to probe the dynamics of quantum systems at the atomic scale in addition to these static properties, as these hold the key to a deeper understanding of the underlying physics.
In this talk, I will first discuss conventional scanning tunnelling microscopy of quantum matter, illustrating the power of this technique using results on the heavy fermion superconductor CeCoIn5 and iron pnictide superconductors. Then I will present the recent development of a shot-noise compatible scanning tunnelling microscope at the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, show the first atomic scale shot-noise measurements of any quantum matter system, and discuss future possibilities.

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